November 16th, 2012

New Enhancements for InCon Shipping System

We are happy to announce that new changes for InCon has been released:

1) Now you can see how many lookups for Netpas you have used per day.
2) New Headfixture type has been created ‘Ownership headfixture incl. hire details’ to be used for Hire Statement only without having the Running cost to be calculated on the yellow pages.
3) Timebar has been extended to include messages to the Operators regarding transfer of Calculations or revised Budgets.
4) PTF regarding bunker error when using Bunker onboard.
5) New feature when transfer Invoices (XML documents) to Accounting System where we now are using Nav Web Services.
6) New calculation method for CVE.
7) It’s possible to make comments on each line in the yellow pages.
8.) It’s posible to calculate commission on Detention.
9) Changes to our new DA module.
10) More reports in SAP BI module.

For more information please visit our new website
where it’s possible to download these new enhancements. Click on the Name for downloading the PTF.

IMPORTANTIf you are not sure how to implement these changes please contact our support team:

Yours sincerely,
Jan Leander