InCon Shipping System Overview

The InCon Shipping System is a software package designed specially for shipowners, operators and managers. Its suite of programs enable both management and staff in your organisation to analyse and structure every aspect of your fleet operations by focusing all fleet cost management in one system, saving you money on extra staff and information loss.

From the InCon Estimator function, where voyages are calculated, to the fixed voyage data that are automatically transferred to the InCon Operation, where the voyages are updated with actual data, and the final results, all operations are in your hands. The InCon Scheduler makes decisions based on actual events and data from InCon Operation to reduce idle days, increase cargo carried and make the most cost effective use of your fleet at all time.

InCon has a fully integrated solution suite:

  • InCon Estimator
  • InCon Operation
  • InCon Scheduler
  • InCon Universe
  • InCon Interface
  • InCon Disbursement
  • InCon COA
  • InCon Invoicing
  • InCon CashFlow
  • InCon Port Statistic
  • InCon Fleet Position Map
  • InCon Laytime Calculation

The InCon Shipping system is designed for use in tank, bulk and liner service, and for all types of ships and cargoes.

The three keywords for this system are flexible, user-friendly and affordable.

We at Thorco Shipping believe that the ‘InCon Estimator’ is the most flexible and complete tool for commercial chartering available today by far. Before we decided to go with the InCon Shipping System, we looked at several different solutions available today, but it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. The InCon Shipping System is highly adaptable, also to the other systems we use, and as far as we can see, it’s the only system that is future ready. Actually, because we know it delivers, we’ve also decided to use InCon in our other commercial management companies.
John Eriksen, Chartering.