InCon Interface


InCon Interface

The InCon interface handles the exchange of data between the InCon Shipping System and external systems such as the user’s accounting system.

Ships and agents can send information over the Internet, which is then saved directly to an in-box in the InCon Operation. The InCon Interface makes it possible to automate entry of position reports and bunker inquiries, SOF and disbursements, and other data so organizations can benefit from eliminating duplicate manual entry, improved data quality, and increased operator productivity.


The InCon Interface is a proven solution that integrates with all InCon modules to ensure a streamlined flow of accurate information between InCon Shipping System and your corporate accounting system. All invoices are transferred to the accounting system via XML documents by using web services. The book-keeping entries concerning ships and voyages will be validated against the information in the InCon Operation via the InCon Interface. These entries are transferred to the InCon Operation and shown in the “Accounting” column. When preparing company accounts, transfer estimates from InCon Operation can then be transferred to the company’s accounting system. In the case of crossover voyages, the estimates will be pro-rated automatically.

Business Benefits

  • Increases efficiency within the account team
  • Speeds workflow by elimination paper-based processes
  • Serves as a checkpoint for approvals and posting of key financial data
  • Maximizes revenues by capturing accurate billing information
  • Enables more control over the financial process
  • Saves time that can be refocused on strategic financial tasks
  • Transfer of invoices into accounting system
  • Proven integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and many others
  • Multi company and currency system
  • High level security keeps financial data safe
  • Reminders keep processes moving ahead
  • Support for a wide range of financials approval processes