InCon Universe


InCon Universe

Information is useless unless you can access and understand it. Therefore we have developed The Universe to map complex data from InCon Database into familiar business terms such as vessels, commodities, charterers, bunker suppliers, agents, brokers, revenue and expenses. Your business users can benefit from robust data abstraction, which presents data in standardized business terms that are easy to understand and trust. End users are empowered with self-service reporting and analysis based on relevant, easy-to-understand information.


The Web interface WebIntelligence gives your decision makers benefit from flexible ad hoc reporting, query, and analysis. “Gut-feel” decisions are replaced by accurate, data-driven decisions.

With Live Office, these reports can be used directly in Microsoft Office and SharePoint, like presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Because the data is live, it can be instantly updated when open the Microsoft Office document again.

For executives and managers, The Dashboards let you deliver personalized business dashboards and visualizations. “what if” Analysis lets managers proactively understand the impact of their decisions before they are made.

The Crystal Reports gives you pixel-perfect corporate reports for mass-distribution in versatile format to all information consumers across the organization.

We at Thorco Shipping believe that the ‘InCon Estimator’ is the most flexible and complete tool for commercial chartering available today by far. Before we decided to go with the InCon Shipping System, we looked at several different solutions available today, but it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. The InCon Shipping System is highly adaptable, also to the other systems we use, and as far as we can see, it’s the only system that is future ready. Actually, because we know it delivers, we’ve also decided to use InCon in our other commercial management companies.
John Eriksen, Chartering.