InCon Estimator


InCon Estimator

The optimal voyage simulation tool for charterers, the InCon Estimator module contains a computational program that automatically estimates voyage revenues, expenses, daily profit/loss, T/C equivalent and other parameters, including low-sulfur bunker costs for environmentally restricted areas. It’s an excellent decision-making tool, yet the InCon Estimator is easy to use, with all the data you need available from a single screen display.

Its snapshot feature makes it simple to set up multiple ‘what if’ scenarios for side-by-side comparison. The InCon Estimator can also calculate the freight rate necessary to obtain the T/C equivalent you want, as well as perform deviation and sensitivity analysis of quantity, freight rate and bunker prices to give you new insight and help you make better decisions.

The InCon Estimator is integrated with InCon Operation, which gathers information for the Estimator module to use, e.g. bunker consumption and running costs. Not only can you include in your planning the bunker supplies left over from the ship’s previous voyage; you can also pull out historical data on port expenses, stevedoring key figures and other information.


The InCon Estimator is integrated with a map-based routing system that includes conflict and piracy zones, giving you complete control over your route planning.

Business Benefits

  • Enables better decision-making with voyage simulation tool
  • Gives the charterer full control using user-defined screen layout
  • Allows charterer to work with “what if” scenarios to find the most profitable solution
  • Performs comprehensive sensitivity analysis
  • Provides easy comparison of voyage options
  • Enables quick estimates of profit/loss and T/C equivalent
  • Data input is quick and easy, can be done without using a mouse
  • Handles unlimited numbers of ports and cargoes per voyage
  • Multiple voyages can be combined in a single calculation
  • Port statistic and key figures are included in the estimates
  • Voyage Estimator
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Time Charter Estimator
  • Distance Tables
  • COA Management
  • Interface to InCon Operation
  • User defined screen layout
  • Interface to InCon Port statistic
  • Schedule arrival and departure dates

We at Thorco Shipping believe that the ‘InCon Estimator’ is the most flexible and complete tool for commercial chartering available today by far. Before we decided to go with the InCon Shipping System, we looked at several different solutions available today, but it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. The InCon Shipping System is highly adaptable, also to the other systems we use, and as far as we can see, it’s the only system that is future ready. Actually, because we know it delivers, we’ve also decided to use InCon in our other commercial management companies.
John Eriksen, Chartering.