InCon Operation


InCon Operation

The InCon Operation is the module in which all information for each voyage is collected. The Main display screen shows the current voyage itinerary and provides access to all voyage-related functions, giving you a complete overview of the selected voyage and allowing you to make better-informed decisions in a constantly changing world. Combined with the InCon interface, the Operation module allows automated entry of SOFs, disbursements, position reports, bunker enquiries and other data, eliminating duplicate manual entries, improving data quality and increasing operator productivity.

The Result screen shows the results of the selected voyage, allowing operations management to monitor voyage results and take any necessary action while there is still time.


Another feature of the InCon Shipping System is a bunker calculation module that computes bunker consumption for the different types of voyage using the first-in-first-out principle. The InCon Operation forms the basis for a company’s actual accounting function as far as ship earnings are concerned. Integrated into the system is an estimation module that supplies estimates or pro-rated estimates to the company’s financial system.

Business Benefits

  • Provides a complete management solution for all aspects of a voyage
  • User defined screen layout for the Result screen with up to 9 columns to be shown
  • Enables managers to monitor and manage multiple voyages
  • Breakdown of bunker consumption for the different types of voyage using first-in-first-out principle
  • Allows managers to drill down on the details of specific voyages
  • Interfaces with Chartering and Financials modules
  • Provides a graphical interface that helps managers visualize and evaluate their fleet operations
  • Helps managers make better decisions based on real-world information and accurate analysis
  • Enables better control over demurrage
  • Provides complete overview of the Off-Hire of a Vessel
  • Provides estimates or pro-rated estimates to the company’s financial system
  • Invoicing of Freight, Commission and T/C Hire
  • Cargo Handling
  • Bunker Inquiries and Purchases
  • Laytime Calculation
  • Budgetting
  • Port Statistic
  • Pool Management
  • Statement of Facts
  • Port Disbursements
  • Performance Analysis
  • Cash Flow monitoring
  • Pre-defined and Ad hoc Reporting
  • Off Hire
  • Hire Statement
  • Interface to InCon Estimator/Scheduler/Universe/Disbursement

We at Thorco Shipping believe that the ‘InCon Estimator’ is the most flexible and complete tool for commercial chartering available today by far. Before we decided to go with the InCon Shipping System, we looked at several different solutions available today, but it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. The InCon Shipping System is highly adaptable, also to the other systems we use, and as far as we can see, it’s the only system that is future ready. Actually, because we know it delivers, we’ve also decided to use InCon in our other commercial management companies.
John Eriksen, Chartering.